Karen Campbell-Eadie - Finance Operations Manager

Since day one of working with the John Clark Motor Group, I have felt a great sense of belonging. I love that there is still very much the family feel, which is incredible considering the scale of the business.

Being a woman in this company is not a limiting factor in what used to be a very male dominated industry – the opportunity is there if you want it, with progression being an integral part of the company ethos. If you bring passion and drive to the table…you will have the support and opportunity to achieve your goals.

Our colleagues are just as important as our customers, which is refreshing especially when you see all the work that goes into keeping the lines of communication open at all levels, with new approaches regularly rolled out, including feedback portals available to everyone.

Team members are encouraged to be enterprising and work with autonomy which keeps colleagues engaged and feeling a trusted part of the team.

In my role, every day is different with no room for boredom and I can honestly say I have never felt the “Sunday night dread” since I have worked for JCMG. It is always daunting to move to a new company but I am very glad I took the leap and feel proud to be part of one of the best Motor Trade Groups out there!